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The Paris based band, Rimac, were born to rock the stage with their electrifying blend of dance and rock & roll. Drawing inspiration from the wreckage of britpop and post-punk revival, Chema Rentería and Miguel Lerzundi were struck with the vision to form a band while trying to ignite a piano at a college party in the early 2010s.  

These two left their hometown chase their artistic projects in the City of Light. In the heart of the urban jungle, they soaked up the sounds of Joy Division, Franz Ferdinand, and The Strokes, channeling their influences into their rallying cry, "headbang & dance." The band set up shop in an abandoned warehouse near Château de Sceaux, where they rehearsed and staged art installations. A revolving door of talented musicians helped to shape Rimac's sound. Charly Lara and Paco Tamarit brought Spanish heat to the guitar riffs. Jean-Guillaume Birot laid down some wild and catchy bass lines, while Sélim Izrar unleashed noise-inspired guitar riffs and Leo Collomb delivered some Kasabian-worthy bass sections. 

In the wilds of the underground concert scene, Rimac found their current lineup - Nick Brown's guitar licks are rock solid, Miguel's vocals are psychedelic inspired, Susana Pizarro hits the drums with a vengeance, and Paulo Monge lays down some snappy bass grooves. Rimac's music is infused with energy and Latin flavor, taking inspiration from the oracle-river of the mythical Pachacamac city 

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